Bringing Together Machine and Human Intelligence

Attend the SAP Expert Session

Wednesday, September 12th at 2:05pm in room 1E 17


In delivering value across all business functions It is essential that machine and human intelligence be brought together. Rapid advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are disruptive and bring promises of significant business value. To succeed and continue to disrupt industry must embrace significant changes in mindset, architecture, how it builds, and who in empowered by and able to predictive machine learning capabilities. Come learn and discuss how to achieve game-changing outcomes of an Intelligent Enterprise.


About the Speaker

Richard Mooney – lead product manager for the Predictive Analytics Product Portfolio including SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive, Predictive Analytics & Predictive Analytics Application Edition


Richard has 18 years' experience in the software industry starting off in development and transitioning to customer facing roles including Product Management, Sales & Marketing.  Richard also spent 2 years working as an innovation expert using techniques like Design Thinking, ROI Analysis and Ideation to drive customer innovation and value.  Richard lives in Kilkenny, Ireland with his wife Anne, 2 children and a very energetic Border Collie.


Attend the session Wednesday, September 12th at 2:05pm in room 1E 17