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(January 24-28, 2022)

What is it about?
It is a pleasure to announce our SAP Utility Week 2022, a valuable learning opportunity to prepare you for the year ahead and help you on your journey towards the Intelligent Enterprise for sustainability and innovation.
SAP develops bold transformation propositions for the most relevant industry segments (market roles) of the Utilities Industry and during this week we will deep dive in those areas to discuss emerging business models and technologies with you.
We look forward to sharing with you our vision about what direction the Industry is taking to trigger the right investments and meet the market expectations.
One industry segment is in focus each day to present
                                                                       # our vision
                                                                       # SAP capabilities                            
                                                                       # SAP solution overview
                                                                       # demos
                                                                       # customer examples
                                                                       # buiness benefits and more                  
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In this session SAP will share customer generation sector experiences in SAP solutions that are focused on supporting the global energy transition towards cleaner electricity. With growth in Distributed, Cleaner Generation such as wind, SAP will showcase the power of Cloud maintenance tools from rapid PoC approaches to support maintenance and maximum uptime.  SAP will also present the Energy Operation Cloud innovation project enabling integrated energy planning and optimization to reduce fuel consumption of thermal assets and automate short-term power production planning of renewable and thermal generation portfolios becoming an essential requirement at the energy transition  The session will be closed out with a review of the Power Generation value map from SAP to support the industry segment and focus areas from SAP in the coming years.

Electrification is one, if not the most, important trend of the journey towards global decarbonisation. It is also opening new benefits for citizens like affordable and clean energy, more reliable and safe delivery and high quality and sophisticated technology services but it increase as well substantially the levels of complexity that need to be managed.

Learn how SAP is helping Distribution System Operators to take advantage from these new business models by facilitating a Platform-based portfolio of services and applications to scale and efficiently adopt new models, facilitate smart and flexible services to customers and prosumers or operate safely with Distributed energy ecosystems  while quickly adopting innovative solutions and keeping sustainability KPIs achieved.

The global transition that is driving more renewable energy, electromobility, energy efficiency, self-generation, and more autonomy and decision power for the consumer is well underway. Hear about trends in energy retail and  thought-provoking perspectives from other industries and regions. Join our panel of utilities customers who will discuss how they have built successful retail operations using SAP solutions and what they would like to do next to remain at the forefront of the industry.
No matter if you are just evaluating the value of SAP solutions to run a successful energy retail platform or looking to streamline your existing retail operations for future success, discover lesson learned, critical success factors, and roadmap considerations.

In this session we will present how SAP is helping Water and Waste Water companies to success in their corporate and operational needs by leveraging innovative digital platforms to model inteligent processes while creating value by optimizing the existing IT landscape without disruption.
Additionally, we will present our portfolio of solutions to facilitate the implementation of new capabilities to ensure sustainability goals and present applications and technologies to help organisations getting better and faster at managing assets, predicting and improving maintenance quality, lowering costs and reduce operational and financial risks resulting of leakages and supply disruptions.

Closed material supply chains and use of the inherent energy of waste materials is the key to stop climate change and therefore more sustainability. In this track, SAP presents its solution SAP S/4HANA for Waste and Recycling and the extension SAP S/4HANA for Waste and Recycling, Environmental Services Add-on by PROLOGA that expends in core processes with the specifics for commercial waste management companies, sustainable smart cities, energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities such as biogas plants, and similar environmental services providers. SAP will present a short overview about the solutions for the specific logistics in the waste collection with its map-based route planning, on-board unit integration for smart garbage trucks, and the regulatory requirements foundation for waste law. Furthermore, we will present the weighing application offered to manage all recycling facilities, waste-to-energy (WtE) plants, thermal treatment, and all other types of waste disposal facilities.  

The following agenda will be presented by
Bernd Keller and Raik Kulinna from SAP and

Annika Haertling, Andreas Buegers and Christoph Hillmann from Prologa

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