Dr. Feiyu Xu
Global Head of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Feiyu Xu is Senior Vice President, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at SAP.


Feiyu has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the areas of AI platform development, conversational AI, knowledge graphs, information extraction, business intelligence, and big-data text analytics. Through her various functions, she has obtained broad experience of the total cycle of innovation in her expert areas – ranging from basic research via AI development all the way to products and their commercialization.


Before joining SAP, Feiyu was Head of AI Lab at Lenovo Research based in Beijing. Prior, she was Principal Researcher of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), leading the research group of text analytics. Also, she was co-founder and general manager of Yocoy Technologies GmbH.


In 2013, she won a Google Focused Research Award for her contribution in the field of natural language processing. Feiyu was selected by Forbes China 2019 to the List of Top 50 Women in Tech.

Michelle Carney
Senior UX Researcher

Michelle Carney(@michelleRcarney) is a Computational Neuroscientist turned UX Researcher, whose practice focuses on the intersection of Data Science and UX. Currently a Senior UX Researcher on Google's AIUX Team, Michelle's projects focus on combining Machine Learning and UX on cool projects happening at Google AI, including Magenta's latest Tone Transfer project and People + AI Research team! Outside of work, Michelle organizes the Machine Learning and UX Meetup, and teaches at the Stanford on Designing Machine Learning.

Judy Logan
Co-Director, Global WiDS Conference
Stanford University

Judy works in the Stanford School of Engineering, in the Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME). She is Co-Director of the WiDS Conference, a one-day global technical conference featuring outstanding women doing work in data science, across a wide range of domains. She is responsible for creating a new conference model, turning the conference into a global movement. 


Prior to Stanford, Judy's roles have ranged from VP of Marketing Communications and Demand Creation at Netscape Communications to Field Marketing at Apple Computer, to Director of Customer and Partner Marketing at Act-On Software. 


Judy earned a BA in Psychology with a Business Concentration from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

Jenny Lundberg
Senior Director - Strategic Product Management & Enablement
SAP Concur

Jenny is leading the SAP Concur Strategic Product Mgmt. & Enablement Team for the SAP Concur Platform. Responsible for developing a platform strategy that provides business agility to our customers and partners by making it possible to integrate, extend and add travel and expense supplier content on top of SAP Concur core solutions. Jenny has +25 years of experience in the software industry, with a focus on product strategy, product management, implementations, and new product rollout and enablement of technical audiences. Jenny leads SAP's Businesswomen's Network in the Bay Area and is passionate about SAP, technology, diversity, and authentic leadership.

Anamarie Huerta Franc
COO, SAP California

Anamarie Huerta Franc is the Chief Operating Officer of the SAP California (Bay Area and Newport Beach) Labs overseeing the location strategy, communications, employee engagement and operations for the over 4000 women and men in the region.  With over 20 years of experience in the high-technology industry across multiple customer-facing, enterprise software functions including product management, customer success, corporate strategy and design, Anamarie is passionate about mentoring and developing high-performing teams and about using data-driven, analytics-based approaches to improve the employee experience as well as to drive product, marketing, and sales and services strategies to improve customer satisfaction, revenue retention and expansion.  In her free time, Anamarie enjoys traveling with her husband and two boys, hiking and reading a good book.

Padmini Ranganathan
Global Vice President, Product Strategy, SAP Procurement solutions

Padmini Ranganathan is Global Vice President, Product Strategy, SAP Intelligent Spend and Business Network solutions.  In this role, she leads a team of experts focused on watching emerging trends and helping shape the future of digital and sustainable procurement.  Prior to this, Padmini led an incubation role, delivering SAP Ariba Supplier Risk – a data-driven innovation that enables risk-conscious business decisions.


In her 25+ year career journey,  Padmini has led multiple new product innovations based on data and analytics, continuing to connect the data fragments across distributed systems to drive business value.  As a passionate advocate for bringing technology to business users that simplifies and enriches their daily work and decision making. And as the SAP Sustainability Council lead for Procurement with Purpose initiatives, she is dedicated to helping businesses balance their costs with conscience, to drive economic value while making a sustainable impact on the larger world.


Padmini has a post-graduate diploma in computer science from UC Berkeley, California, and a bachelor’s degree in commerce with a major in Cost & Management Accounting from Bangalore University, India.

Shailvi Wakhlu
Sr. Director of Data

Shailvi is the Sr. Director of Data at Strava, where she leads a large team of product analysts and machine learning engineers to enable data-informed product improvements in support of Strava Athletes. As an analytics professional and a former software engineer, she has been involved in shaping great products for companies big and small for the last 14 years. 


Her job is to use data to tell effective stories that inspire action and spur tangible business growth. She has worked on solving data problems across Fortune 500 companies such as Salesforce, as well as smaller start-ups such as Strava and Fitbit. All the products Shailvi worked on had more than 40M+ users, which trained her on the nuances of dealing with data at scale. 


She is also a passionate mentor in the community and spends her spare time volunteering for programs that further STEM opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Lynn Lanphier
Director, Digital Analytics
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

Lynn is an Analytics executive with expertise in building and leading analytics capabilities that are focused on marketing optimization, customer experience improvements and data-driven business decisions. She is known for fostering a collaborative, thought-provoking work environment for team members and cross-functional partners that encourages a culture of continual learning. Lynn thrives at the intersection of the customer, marketing and technology, and is passionate about connecting people, processes and technology to create and deliver business solutions that drive value. 

Sally Lawler Kennedy
Sr. Director of Innovation and Customer Experience

Sally is a design thinker and creative problem solver working in the User Experience field. She started her career as a Mechanical Engineer designing handheld and laptop computers. Along the way, she fell in love with user experience design. Sally has spent 20 years improving people's lives by creating delightful experiences that humanize design. She is the Sr. Director of Innovation and Customer Experience at SAP AppHaus. The AppHaus team is responsible for delivering amazing and unforgettable customer experiences which contribute to the growth of SAP. As an Innovation Coach, Sally leads SAP customers out of their comfort zones into innovative design-led organizations.  It was at SAP where she was trained and immersed in design thinking methodologies. Sally has taught and led design thinking workshops for some of the largest global companies, in a variety of industries. As a mom of two girls, Sally is passionate about introducing young girls to STEM and Women in Tech.

Lindsey Zuloaga
Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Lindsey Zuloaga is the Chief Data Scientist at HireVue, managing a team that builds and validates machine learning algorithms to predict job-related outcomes. As an academic researcher with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics, she has performed novel experiments and data analysis, resulting in scientific publications with applications in medicine, sensing, and signal processing. Lindsey started her data science career in the healthcare space, striving to improve the lives of people with chronic health conditions. At HireVue, she is working to completely transform traditional interviewing with a platform that focuses on understanding more of the candidate as a whole person, including interview responses, coding abilities, and cognitive skills as opposed to just the facts shown on a resume.

Mythili Krishnan

Mythili holds an MA in economics from the prestigious school of Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi and is also an alumnus of Presidency College, University of Calcutta. She is an analytics leader with more than 14+ years of experience in various areas of Analytics and data science including risk management, marketing analytics, Infrastructure services and AI. She has diverse experience in the area of Modelling across various banking products like credit cards, debit cards, personal loans, wholesale mortgage loans and secured installment loans and has worked across geographies like UK, USA, Canada, Latin America, Middle East and Asia. In addition to having credit risk modelling knowledge, she is also experienced in Basel II, strategies for effective cross selling and new launch of consumer banking products. She has an all-round experience in analytics as well as client handling activities especially in managing multiple projects simultaneously and business development activities. She is proficient in statistical and machine learning techniques using structured and unstructured data and has demonstrated ability to conceptualize new solutions and offerings leading teams to deliver values across new functions/domains. She has been the pioneer in building advanced analytics solutions for the Infrastructure services domain in Accenture and has received 3 patents for the solutions/products along with 1 pending patent that has been filed. She has authored and presented research papers in international conferences and is also an active contributor of the Towards Data science publication in medium. She is a data science and AI speaker and with experiences in events like GASP 2020 and WiDS. She is also the recipient of 3 Women in AI and Analytics award in 2020. Mythili is currently the Vice President at Accenture Innovation Centre for Analytics.

Puntis Palazzolo
Senior Data Scientist

Puntis Palazzolo is a Sr. Data Scientist at SAP where she manages the SuccessFactors Data Platform and Unified Semantic Search topics in her role in Product Management team. She has more than a decade of experience in software design and development, machine learning systems and database technologies in different industries such as Bioinformatics, Military and Health Care and applications such as Handwriting and Voice Recognition, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing and Recommendation Engines. Puntis has several research publications in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science and has patented ideas in the field of Recommendation Engines. Her academic background is in Computer and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Joanna Riley

Joanna Riley is the CEO of Censia, a Talent Intelligence provider that enhances and extends enterprise software solutions with ethical system intelligence and predictive analytics. By adding Censia to their existing software solutions, companies can use data-driven decisions to eliminate unconscious biases and find, keep and grow the best talent in the world. Joanna Riley is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, thought leader on the future of work, and a strong supporter of women in technology and female-led startups. She has been featured in Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, NYSE, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and more.

Mengyuan Liu
Senior Data Scientist
SAP Concur

Mengyuan is a Senior Data Scientist at SAP Concur working on building AI solutions to revolutionize expense management and reporting. Before joining Concur, Mengyuan obtained a PhD in bioengineering from the University of Washington, specializing in applying machine learning and computer vision technologies to medical imaging. Mengyuan is passionate about supporting women in technology and has been an Ambassador and Lead Organizer for the Women in Data Science Puget Sound Conference for 2 years. Outside work, she is also enthusiastic about environmental issues, ethical fashion, animal welfare and enjoys traveling and good food.

Ivana Milovanovic
Data Scientist
SAP Concur

Ivana Milovanovic is a data scientist at SAP Concur, where she works on building deep learning algorithms for image and text processing. She holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Belgrade, Serbia. Prior to joining SAP Concur, she was a post-doc at University of Washington working in Computational Neuroscience. Her research focused on exploring brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). In her spare time Ivana enjoys hiking, skiing and playing tennis.

Varsha Sankar
Data Scientist

Varsha Sankar is a Data Scientist at SAP, as a part of the Ariba Data Science team. She works on developing cutting edge AI based solutions to challenging problems in the domain of Enterprise procurement. Before joining SAP, Varsha graduated with a Master's from Stanford University, where she focused on Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Some of her areas of interest include Computer Vision and AI for social good. Besides this, Varsha is also a professional level Indian classical dancer and performs regularly.

Shruti Bhargava
Data Scientist

Shruti Bhargava is a Data Scientist at SAP, part of the Ariba Data Science team in Palo Alto. She graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Computational and Mathematical Engineering - specializing in Data Science. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering. At SAP, she works on applying deep learning and machine learning to enterprise use cases. Domains which interest her include Natural Language Processing and Biomedical Informatics. She is a Potterhead through and through!

Ran Zhou
Data Scientist

Ran is a data scientist at SAP Ariba, working on providing machine learning solutions to procurement use cases by applying both traditional statistical methods and deep learning models. Prior to that, Ran earned her master's degree from Duke University in Statistical Science and dual bachelor's degrees from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in Mathematics and Statistics. She joined SAP through SAP Silicon Valley Next Talent program after she graduated. 

Marisa Smith
Developer Advocate

Marisa is the Developer Advocate at Streamlit, an open-source library that lets you turn your data science code into apps that you can share with your colleagues. She works as the connection between the Streamlit community and the team that developing it. Previously, Marisa studied her BS.c. in Physics from Mount Allison University, CA and a Ph.D. at The University of Manchester, UK and a Postdoc at Notre Dame University, USA. Marisa's work centred on the study and simulation of various radiation types through materials. Specifically, trying to understand what happens, why and how damage occurs, and where damaging species are created to then understand how we can apply this knowledge. In 2019, Marisa was the Chair for the University of Notre Dame's Advancing Women Leaders Mentorship program, and in 2020 was accepted into the competitive Insight Data Science internship course.

Aditi Godbole
Senior Data Scientist

Aditi Godbole is a Senior Data Scientist at Intelligent Spend and Business Network within SAP, where she works primarily on building machine learning solutions to accomplish integrated spend management across Concur, Fieldgalss and Ariba. 
Before her current role, she worked as a Data Science consultant at Nissan and GE Power where she helped build fleet analytics solutions and reliability models for vehicles and gas turbines. She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Masters in Electrical engineering. 


In her spare time she loves cooking different recipes and experimenting in her kitchen.

Shubhi Asthana
Senior Software Engineer

Shubhi Asthana is a Research Senior Software Engineer at IBM's Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA. Her research interests are in the area of Cloud Services, IOT & Predictive Analytics. She has 6 years of experience developing end-to-end solutions and analytical tools for managing complex services on the cloud.  Her work has appeared at several top-tier services and machine learning conferences including INFORMS, IEEE SCC, IEEE AI & MS, IEEE SOLI & NIPS among others. In addition, her innovative work has led to filing 15+ patent disclosures and winning multiple IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards (OTAA, the highest technical accomplishment award at IBM) as well as external awards. 

Milecia McGregor
Senior Software Engineer

Milecia is a senior software engineer, international tech speaker, and mad scientist that works with hardware and software. She will try to make anything with JavaScript first.

Erica Holswade
Data Scientist

I'm a recent graduate from the Colorado School of Mines, where I studied Computational Applied Mathematics. I joined SAP in June of 2020, which means I've never actually met any of my coworkers in person! However, that hasn't stopped them from making me feel extremely welcome at the company. At work I'm very interested in machine learning techniques and how they apply to traditional data science problems - I also always enjoy learning more about computational linear algebra and scientific computing. I'm originally from New Mexico and try to spend as much of my time as possible skiing and hiking. I also love to cook and try new recipes - even if some don't turn out all that good!

Eva Sasson
Head of Marketing

Eva Sasson runs product growth at Argyle, a startup that is striving to make upwards mobility accessible for everyone. Sasson has a background and interest in data science and ethics, and previous work experience at Sentry, Twilio, and Google. Sasson holds an MSc in Business Analytics and Management Science from University College London, where she explored building data science models in Python. Sasson presented about Network Graphs at the Sunbelt Conference in Utrecht, Netherlands, Pycon Canada, PyBay and about Machine Learning Bias at DataDay Mexico, in addition to speaking engagements at the United Nations Human Rights Counsel in Geneva. Sasson's passion is to support women and underrepresented communities in tech, in addition to transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle and keeping lots of things in jars.

Mengyuan (Monica) Tao
Data Scientist

Monica is a data scientist in SAP Ariba data science team. She joined SAP through SVNT(Silicon Valley Next Talent) program as a data scientist. Monica has rotated in SAP Ariba Network working on data science product management, SAP Conversational AI working on NLP data augmentation for chatbot. And finally she worked in Ariba DS team for the ActivER model. She graduated from Columbia University majoring in Statistics.

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