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Brilliant women are changing the game everywhere in the IT industry. In our first series highlighting “SAP Women in Tech”, four female colleagues share their stories of success and struggle, of courage and determination.

Some entered the industry with a degree in computer science, others have a different background. All of them believe in a future where it is a natural choice for women to work in tech.

Sarah Detzler- The Math Rebel

Sarah Detzler has always loved math. Never allowing gender stereotypes to hold her back, she stayed true to her passion and today works as a data scientist at SAP.

Divya- Be Proud of Who You Already Are

Moving from India and continuing her career in Germany was the toughest challenge Divya Chandrika Mohan ever faced. But she never gave up and now works as a product manager for SAP.

Svea’s Leap from Career to Passion

Svea Becker knows all about starting over. A passionate runner, finding her dream job turned out to be more of a marathon than a sprint. After 17 years as an assistant, Svea Becker took her career in a totally different direction. Now she is an SAP Community advocate managing the social network

Meet Tannaz- From Tehran to Tech Giant SAP

A self-determined life has always been Tannaz Piroozi’s dream. She talks about her unique journey from a childhood in Iran to a management role at SAP.

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