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Unboxing SAP Strategy

With this series, we focus on strategic areas of SAP such as the Business Technology Platform, RISE with SAP, or SAP's industry cloud. We provide an entertaining, creative, and easy-to-understand introduction to the topic and target a wide audience inside and outside SAP.


The session is divided into a 30-minute presentation and a 15-20 minute Q&A.


Tech Talk

Our famous Tech Talks focus on the vast technical expertise of our SAP Women in Tech. The 50-minute talks offer space to present your technical topic to our community and/or to introduce new technical topics.


The format can also be adjusted for a country-specific event such as our Tech-e-Tete series from Bangalore.


WiT Meets

Our WiT Meets format is a collaboration between two speakers, one from SAP and one from outside SAP. The two speakers come together and present a topic to our community. This format provides a space to present a solution from a customer, or present different perspectives on a topic. 


What do I do?

Introducing our newest format, "What do I do?" aims to spotlight the diverse job roles our SAP Women in Tech have. Have you ever heard a job title and thought to yourself "what does that even mean?", it happens to all of us! Job titles can be hard to decipher, therefore, this series will explore the different jobs at SAP that are not so commonly heard of.

The format will be a 30-minute live session where an interviewer asks a set of questions to a guest speaker, all based on their role at SAP.


Young Africans In Tech

This program is aimed at inspiring the next generation of Africans in tech and to bring light to African women in tech around the world and celebrate their achievements. We operate through 3 pillars:


Learning, Growing, and Uniting.


For more information, visit our site.




Would you like to be a speaker in one of our formats?


You don't need to be an SAP employee to be one of our speakers! We welcome all women in the tech space to share their expertise internally and externally.


If you are interested in hosting a session with us, simply write us an email at

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