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There is always room to grow and there is always an opportunity to learn something new. In order for you to be the best version of yourselves, we want to help broaden your skill set. Laying a solid foundation for your professional and personal development is essential to thrive in what you do. We offer our community two Speaker Enablement sessions every quarter, these sessions are hosted by coaches and trainers who specialize in speaking topics and give great tips and training to help you improve your speaking and presentation skills.

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Every SAP employee is a potential speaker at an event, but often it is difficult for Marketing to find all these talents. SAP Women in Tech, Marketing Germany, and Global IT have developed a new easy-to-use solution. "People Profile" will become SAP's global speaker database. Every employee can maintain their speaking skills and present themselves. Newcomers who surprise and impress their listeners with fresh mindsets and their expertise can also maintain their profile in order to become a speaker or moderator.


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The SAP Women in Tech community is growing around the world and our multipliers are an important cornerstone of our initiative. These women are the local contact for interested female colleagues from their country. They actively grow the SAP Women in Tech network in their country by promoting the topic, organizing events, and sharing their experiences and knowledge with the community. Our multipliers also take part in exciting webinars, conferences, and content partnerships. If there is no multiplier in your country yet, and you are passionate about Women in Tech, we are more than happy for you to join our team! Simply write an email to

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