Meet with SAP at OMR Festival

SAP will exhibit at

OMR Festival 2024

The Festival for the Digital Universe

May 7–8, 2024, Hamburg, Germany
Bring out your best.


Welcome to SAP at OMR Festival 2024, the Festival for the Digital Universe. On May 7–8, in Hamburg, Germany, we’re delighted to demonstrate the excellence of SAP solutions for customer success. Through provocative showcases, partner engagement, and especially intriguing customer stories and use cases, you will see and understand how consumers can experience more from each interaction with your business.


Join the SAP Party at OMR Festival
May 7, 7:00 pm onwards

Join the fun, join the dance, join THE DISCO BOYS!

The OMRers have spoken up and SAP has listened! Following the success of 2023's party, SAP is pleased to announce the return of  THE DISCO BOYS.

Join us for a night of techno-fun and lot more experiences.

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