The BTP Solution Diagram repository was recently published on GitHub, so everybody can learn how to better communicate (high-level) architecture!


Join us on April 10th at 3:00 pm CEST/ 1:00 pm UTC/ 9:00 am EST for a webinar about BTP Solution Diagram Repository with Fabian Lehmann and Liza Pilarczyk, SAP. This repository contains an updated design guideline, examples, and libraries to use this in the open source diagramming tool Liza and Fabian will give an overview about this new central entry point and give insights how this activity is connected with SAP BTP Reference Architectures in SAP Discovery Center and how we collaborate with LeanIX in this area.


Learn and discuss why the team open sourced the solution diagrams via GitHub and why they used the diagramming tool


Speakers: Fabian Lehmann, Product Manager, BTP Product Management SAP and Elisabeth Pilarczyk, UX Expert and Design Strategist, BTP Experience SAP


Host: SAP Open Source Program Office


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More Information about open source: SAP Podcast Series

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