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Circular Economy

As the world faces an unprecedented resource crisis, the move to an interconnected, circular economy is key to protecting our planet, its species, and our collective prosperity.


Business Integration for the Decade of Action: Transforming Sustainability Management

SDG Ambition Series

Episode 2 | 60 min

October 12, 2020


SAP and Accenture share how companies need to set SDG Ambition Benchmarks and hardwire SDG-related business goals and outcomes into core processes and management of business.


Driving Sustainability in Retail

Innovative Solutions from SAP.iO Series

Episode 6 | 57 min

May 13, 2020


SAP.iO startups show how technology can transform one of the highest polution industries, fashion & retail, into a positive impact and purpose focus area dirven by intelligence.

Joining Our Efforts on Sustainability to Build a Better Future

SDG Ambition Series

Episode 1 | 56 min

September 29, 2020


Three new guides that provide business leaders and their technology partners with directional support on measuring and managing sustainability performance through business technology systems and enterprise software solutions.

How to Think About B2B Customer Loyalty in a Rapidly Evolving World

Customer Experience Series

Episode 10 | 30 min

August 25, 2020


In the B2B landscape, maintaining existing customers are vital. Gain insight from Jonathan Burdette of SAP and executives from Annex Cloud as they share how to nurture customer loyalty.

Responsible Sourcing: Procurement with Purpose

Sustainability in Practice Series

Episode 2 | 60 min

July 29, 2020


A spotlight on how to make procurement more ethical and sustainable with a focus on real world experiences and lessons learned.

Lessons Learned: Responding Quickly to Critical Healthcare PPE Demand in Global Crisis

Introduction to Supply Chain Disruption Series

Episode 10 | 42 min

June 1, 2020


Supply chain, procurement, and sourcing professionals can proactively prepare for uncertain times and potential future crisis to work quickly and get critical supplies to the people who need them most.

Food Supply and Demand in a Time of Global Crisis

Introduction to Supply Chain Disruption Series

Episode 1 | 45 min

May 18, 2020


April Crichlow of SAP and Jasmine Crowe of Goodr explore how organizations can play a role in ensuring the reduction of food waste and hunger, especially in a time of crisis through responsible procurement, supply chain, and sourcing.

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